Eureka Drinks Official Performance Drink Of Terengganu Football Club 2023

Today, Eureka Drinks officially announced a sponsorship partnership with Terengganu Football Club Sdn Bhd (TFCSB) as the official performance drink brand for the year 2023.

Eureka Drinks x Terengganu FC Sponsership

Eureka Drinks has signed a sponsorship contract in the form of finance and goods for Terengganu FC with a value of RM 50,000.00 for a period of 1 year. Our Director, Mr. Fadzrul Dullie, stated that Terengganu FC will be the only club in Malaysia to be our official partner and he believes that this collaboration will have a big impact on both parties as for him Terengganu FC is one of the largest clubs in the Malaysian League with passionate fans and sees the club management always acting professionally and Eureka Drinks also has a product that is present with good quality that matches the status of the club being sponsored.

Major Player in Beverage Business

With the slogan "Your Eureka Moment," Eureka Drinks is a local product but has a quality equal to that of global companies and now this product has also entered the international market and is now in 5 countries, namely Brunei, Oman, UAE, Singapore and China.

Collab Financially Improved Terengganu FC

The CEO of TFCSB, Mr. Ab Rasid Jusoh, stated that this collaboration is seen as being able to help the club financially and with the needs of performance drinks and he believes that Terengganu FC can also help raise the name of Eureka Drinks as the club has many supporters and Terengganu FC supporters are always supporting the club's efforts including buying club-sponsored products and promoting company products.

The Director of Eureka Drinks, Mr. Fadzrul Dullie, expressed confidence in the quality of their product and its potential impact on the performance of Terengganu FC players. He stated that Eureka Drinks has been tested and proven to enhance performance and he believes the sponsorship will bring positive results for Terengganu FC. The CEO of TFCSB, Mr. Ab Rasid Jusoh, also expressed excitement about this partnership. He mentioned that TFCSB is honored to have Eureka Drinks as their official performance drink brand for 2023, which will not only provide financial support to the club but also a high-quality performance drink for their players. Both Terengganu FC and Eureka Drinks are committed to working together towards success and growth.